Sunday Social Media Tips for Your Business

I don’t know the destination of this blog, but the journey will be interesting. The blog will be of general nature and sometimes more specific. I will try to write blogs according to your questions, suggestions and comments. You also must realize that I am on the same journey as you are, therefore my own questions will also fuel the journey.  Thank you for reading this blog, I hope it will help your business grow.

Here are some of the major questions you may have if you are using social media for your business:

1.     Which strategies do I need to use to be more effective with social media? As more social networks and features appear at the speed of light, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

2.     What is the best way to engage with potential customers?

3.     How to measure the returns on your social media?

4.     What are the best ways for me to use paid social media?

5.     Who is my audience?

Today I will start with questions 1 and the following weeks I will answer the next questions.


To determine which strategies may work best for your business, you need to assess where you are now and where you want to go, therefore like a journey, you need an itinerary.

1.     Social Presence

What are your social networks?

Are your profiles complete (bio, photos, etc.?

Which networks do you feel comfortable with and bring you the most value?

2.     Target Audience

Be as specific as you can be gender, age, professional, moms, location, income, social media         preferences, interests and activities, problems you may help them with

3.     Design Your Social Media Statement

Make sure it represents your studio and your brand, what are your goals in using social  media and keep in mind your ideal client in developing your statement. It could be “to use social media to educate current clients and to attract new clients, with a focus on Pilates for osteoporosis. Once you have developed a mission statement, post accordingly, specifically, and expertly.

4.     Key Metrics

Identify your key success metrics (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks and website analytics all provide you with these)

We are not just talking about how many followers you have but about time and money:

Conversion rate

Time spent on website


Brand mentions


5.     Content

Develop engaging content with graphics, photos, videos, blogs aligns, company news and make sure the content aligns with your mission statement. Create a content calendar with your different social media, dates, topics, links, etc.

6.     Social Media Management Tools

Look at using a social media management tool such as Hootsuite, SocialPilot, Buffer, SproutSocial. They let you upload and schedule your posts ahead of time; they offer analytics for your social media and they may also offer social media education. Some of them are free.

7.     Track and analyze your results

Using Facebook, Twitter and other analytical tools review your results and make changes. Obviously you want to look at it in terms of money and not just how many followers or likes you have since last month. If Facebook works better for you then think of doubling your efforts and I don’t mean just spending more money on paid ads but also increasing the quality and frequency of posts.

In summary, create your strategies, review the results, tweak them and continue to optimize your social media presence as you continue to learn more about your business and your audience.