September 5, 2017

Hi there, my name is Monique. I have been a Pilates teacher for about 18 years and a social media specialist for about 2 years. Why did I switch career you might ask? As a cancer survivor (3 years ago), I became unable to teach. But yey, I am here and thriving and happy. My daughter digital marketing agency offered an opportunity for me to become a social media specialist. I will be back to teaching, but in the meantime, I work in social media. So far our clients services have included social media, SEO and websites specializing in wellness and beauty products, hairdressing, CBD products, and real estate. Each client products and services are different and each client's expectations are different. I have not had a Pilates studio as a client, but I feel that the tips that I will share will apply to most businesses. As time goes by and I develop this blog, I am going to apply this knowledge to my own Pilates home studio and develop strategies to restart my business. I am happy to share these tips with others and hope that this will help you and your own business. The blog will be different in its format. I will throw in things that I discovered as I learned about social media, things that I did not know, and hopefully strategies that may help you. Please be patient if you are very savvy about social media and realize that not everyone knows everything and hopefully that some of this blog may be useful to some. I would love for you to either comment or ask questions about topics that may be of interest to you and your studio. My blog will be published on September 10, Sunday and every Sunday after that. Please contact me on for comments, questions and tips.