All photography provided by Monique Gaymer-Jones

Azure Pilates and Yoga Studio is a private Pilates studio located in a home in the Hollywood Hills - one mile from Gelson. Since 1999, we have taught Pilates to hundreds of students. As we reach into the future, and age ourselves, we realize that Pilates is a fantastic tool to maintain our youth and health. We are trained in classical and contemporary Pilates and will use the most appropriate method for your safety and efficiency of your workout.

"We Are Passionate About Pilates And Yoga From Head To Toe!"

I wanted to improve flexibility and exercising with Monique in her studio helped me very much. She took time to work with my limited flexibility in the upper extremities as well as the lower body and legs. She helped me achieve ease of motion and an all around sense of health.
My skills increased very much with Monique. I would recommend Monique to any of my fact a few of my friends have taken Pilates classes with Monique. They are all impressed and love Monique’s style of teaching. She is compassionate about her students, has a keen eye of the physical capability of the students, offers good advice, and is most knowledgeable in both Pilates and Yoga.
— Mahnaz L. Los Angeles, February 2016

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